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Port Neches Sleep Specialists

Is a sleep disorder affecting your daily life?

Over 70 million Americans suffer from sleep disorders. Sleep problems affect both sexes, all races, and all age groups living near Port Neches and Beaumont, TX.

Left untreated, sleep disorders can pose serious threats to your health. Heart attack, heart failure, irregular heartbeats, stroke, diabetes, hypertension, acid reflux, attention deficit disorder, and depression are conditions associated with sleep problems. Dr. Boyd Herndon is highly experienced in diagnosing and treating sleep disorders. Call (409) 729-6401 to request an appointment at our ear, nose, and throat office in Port Neches, TX. Our sleep doctor in Beaumont, TX treats sleep disorders for patients from Beaumont, Nederland, Groves, Port Arthur, and the surrounding area.

Do you experience these symptoms of a Sleep Disorder?

  • Snoring/irregular breathing at night
  • Daytime sleepiness/ exhaustion
  • Poor job performance
  • Mood disturbances/irritability
  • Decreased ability to concentrate
  • Difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep
  • Restless legs

Call (409) 729-6401 today, and let our team of sleep specialists in Beaumont and Port Neches help you get a good night’s sleep.

Types of Sleep Disorders and treatment offered

Obstructive Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is a disorder that affects a person’s breathing patterns while they sleep. This ranges from a minor inconvenience and snoring to a serious disorder that can lead to complications

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Central & Complex Sleep Apnea

Central and complex sleep apnea occurs when the muscles that control breathing do not receive the proper signals from the brain. This is treated with the help of lifestyle changes and medical devices.

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Tongue Ablation For Sleep Apnea

Tongue Ablation is a procedure to treat snoring and sleep apnea by tightening loose tongue muscles or enlarged tongues

Cures For Snoring

There are many causes of snoring such as the anatomy of your pallet, allergy season, deviated septum, or obstructive sleep apnea. We treat any cause of snoring with either the Somnoguard oral appliance or the Pillar Procedure to reduce tissue vibration

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