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Allergy Information

The first step is to find out exactly what is causing your allergies. Some of the common causes are the pollens (grasses, trees, and weeds), other inhalants (dust, molds, and animal dander), and foods.

The type of testing that is being recommended is called skin endpoint titration testing, also known as skin testing. The testing is done in three to four sessions, each lasting approximately one hour. The sessions are scheduled one week apart. Dr. Herndon’s Nurse will do the testing. The nurse will place a small amount of the allergy antigen slightly under the skin with a small needle. If you are allergic to the antigen, the small raised area will begin to grow showing a positive result.

So that your testing will be as accurate as possible, you must stop taking all allergy medication for 72 hours prior to each skin test appointment. This would include any medication containing antihistamines, prescription or over-the-counter, that you may take to relieve any ear, nose, throat, or sinus symptoms. Some examples include Actified, Sudafed Plus, Drixoral, Dimetapp, Contac, Dristan, Tavist-D, some cough syrups or drops, nasal sprays. Those patients who are asthmatics or have skin disorders may need to stop some other medications seven days before the testing, but only under the direction of the prescribing physician. No anti-itching medications taken by mouth can be used for one week prior to testing. No tranquilizers or sleeping medications may be taken for 72 hours prior to testing. If you have any questions regarding the medications(s) you take, please feel free to call our office. Please wear a short sleeved shirt for each appointment as the testing will be done on the upper arm.

You have been given a history form. Please complete and return it at your first skin test. Please be sure to list all medications, over-the-counter or prescription, you are taking and the reason for taking them.

You will also be given a two-week diary. Please follow the directions and be as thorough as possible. This must be completed and returned the morning of your food skin test appointment. Enclosed is a food list. You will be asked to eat some of the foods the day before, but not the day of, your testing.